Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Losing my mind, one text message at a time.

Hey Peeps!  Hope all is well and you aren’t freezing your tookus off!   I know I keep saying that I’ll do better with blogging, but let’s be honest…. I’m lazy. And I’ve been busy working on a ton of projects.  But mostly I’m lazy.  And forgetful.  I may have an acute case of amnesia for “to do” lists.  Seriously.  Sometimes when I’m sitting down watching Netflix, I think… there is something I should be doing, I just know it.  Then I think, well, if it were so important you’d remember it…. and I go back to helping Sherlock solve London’s problems, one OCD issue at a time.

But because I’m a “fixer” and stuff I’ve decided to quit being so lazy.  To help me remember to do stuff, I started sending myself text message reminders.  Unfortunately the majority of my amazing ideas occur at very inopportune times.  Such as bathroom time.  No need to get detailed, you get the idea. 

Driving.  I have amazing ideas when driving, but texting and driving is so last year.  And the ancient art of finding a piece of crumpled receipt/napkin in the back seat and a working pen from the front passenger door and scribbling notes while driving with your knee is more dangerous than texting.  And the results are so hideous that even hand writing analysis experts would deem them serial killerish. 

But the best ideas I get are, are by far, right before I fall asleep.  Here is where the tricky part comes in. If I get up to write something down, I’ve ruined that extremely brief moment where sleep is either right there or hours away. And if I don’t write it down then two things happen.  My mind races about all the things that have absolutely nothing to do with the original idea or I forget it within a few minutes.  But, if I gently reach my phone, type a text….. problem solved.  By the way, I don’t text and drive much ever, but I do use the voice recognition thing.  So sometimes when I say “New pic” it comes out “Newton’s pig”.  Then I have to decide why Newton had a pig and why I care enough to text it and it is all very headachy. 

Anyway, so these text messages are mostly a great idea.  Until the next day.  I give you this fine example.  The conversation balloons are what’s going on in my head.  Consider this your one and only warning. You can’t unsee this stuff man!