Sunday, June 3, 2012

It's a good thing I'm here.

Here is a discussion that the Hub and I had this morning. This is confirmation that he is not dedicated to protecting our family.

 Me: Hey, you know what we need for the backyard? 

 Hub: No 

Me: We need to build a little pond and put a bridge over it. 

Hub: No 

Me: Then we can get a troll to live under it. 

Hub: No

Me: Wait... hear me out! Trolls keep away goats. 

Hub: No 

Me: Well just what exactly are we gonna do if there's a goat invasion? 

Hub: silence... accompanied by a seething glare.

Me: Fine. But someone has to think about the children! 

About 10 minutes later when the Hub left the house... I texted him this message:

Well I hope you're happy. I think I just saw a goat in our yard. Now can we have a troll? 

He didn't answer. I assume this means a green light for the troll. I'm googling little wooden bridges right now.

oh sure... they're cute now.  But how can you trust anything with those weird eyes? just sayin'