Saturday, September 25, 2010

Top 10 signs you’re a Facebook junkie:

10. You wake from a sound sleep at 3:42 a.m. because you’ve forgotten to harvest your crops on Farmville.  Then you remember with relief that you have unwither safely stored in your gift box. (whew! Crisis averted!).
9. All of a sudden your new boss looks eerily familiar.  You begin to suspect he is that mob boss from Mafia Wars that’s been creepin’ on you.  
8. You are completely convinced that you will survive a world-ending zombie attack based solely on the three Facebook quizzes that you’ve taken.  (Rule no. 1, cardio – yes, a shout out to Zombieland fans– you know who you are).
7. You bribe your teenager to send you that last tool you need to finish your barn on Frontierville.  That hammer was so worth $5! 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I hate millipedes

I hate millipedes.  You know those multi-limbed, elongated, speedy vermin that invade my bathroom every summer.  Does anyone even know what they are?  And why do they have so many legs?  Approximately once every week, one of the little monsters (or sometimes the giant, man-eating variety) invade my personal space.   Usually at a very inconvenient time, such as getting out of the shower or when I’ve drank one too many iced teas.  And worse, if left to my own devices too long, I can imagine them lurking, like a predator in the night, ready to launch an attack.  Indiana Jones didn’t even like them and he fought ancient curses, evil treasure-seekers and pits full of snakes! They are gross and creepy.  And I don’t appreciate them in MY bathroom.
Now before PETA members get up in arms, I do love animals.  All kinds of animals.  I believe our Lord created these wonderful creatures for individual, specific purposes.  And while I am not fond of some of them (snakes, mice and bugs particularly), I do know that we must share our planet with them according to God’s design.  And I’m willing to do that; but not my part of the planet.
So begins the story of how I came to decide that I have to change my thought process with regard to my husband. During the summer of 2009, while in-between school semesters, he took a job working at the county fair taking ticket and parking money, a very hot job for August in Missouri.