Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Update for the Rio Angry Birds

Once again, those birds are ripe with life lessons. Once again, the Birds are angry, but this time they are not knocking out green pigs.  They are rescuing other birds.  Such a noble cause!  And once again, I have found wonderful, marvelous, stupendous life lessons in this crazy addicted game.  Seriously… it’s like a drug! 
But, regardless of the addictive properties of these crazy birds, here are the life lessons gleaned from the game:
·         Helping out others is good.  Compassion ministries are amazing ways to show the love of Jesus.  I’m not sure compassion ministries count for colorful, fancy birds who find themselves trapped in cages… but who am I to judge?
·         Bondage (in any form) is bad.  Do you see how sad the little caged birds are?  Their big eyes are just sorrowful!  It is important to help ourselves and others out of bondage.  I’m not suggesting you launch yourself from a humongous sling shot at another person, but you get my meaning.
·         Similar to the lesson above, freedom is amazing.  Praise the Lord.
·         Monkeys cannot be trusted.  I’ve felt this way for a long time.  What with Planet of the Apes, King Kong and Donkey Kong providing other fine examples.  Sure they look sweet and cuddly… but I’m not fooled. Can’t be trusted.
·         Careless workmanship leads to disaster.  Take pride in your work.  Learn from the birdnappers:
    • Seriously who stacks these cages with TNT, glass and what are they doing with floating swim rings? 
    • What kind of warehouse are they in? What do they do in this warehouse that they can house all these birds? 
    • And do the kidnappers not notice the humongous sling shot and not wonder what it’s for? 
    • And who needs THAT many birds? 
    • Further, to go to all the trouble of stealing these birds only to haphazardly stack the goods… seriously?!?
So hopefully this will prompt you to look to normal, everyday things in new light. 

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