Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Please excuse the large plank in my eye!

So recently, I found three blog sites that I absolutely love.  I find that I love stupid, sarcastic, obnoxious humor about everyday boring things…. Shocking, right?  Yea,I know! **insert valley girl “ch-aw”.  And turns out that one of the bloggers may be my evil twin. Right down to her hatred of Oprah, the love of all things Zombie, she loves Paul Rudd, and she thinks monkeys are awesome.  Evil twin!!!  I will list their sites on my favorites providing that I can figure out how (my lack of computer skills shining like the northern star – wait, I have two teenagers…. It’s all cool!).But visit them at your own risk.  Warning, they all have a liberal use of some foul language and some… shall we say “adult” topics. I’m not telling you this to be all judgey and stuff… only that these blogs are not for everyone.  Me, I think they are hilarious. Yea, yea.  I’m a heathen.
So enough about them… this is MY blog.  So I turn to these blogs as a small, shining ray of sunshine in my otherwise hectic sometimes grumpy life.  And when my favorite bloggers don’t blog, I find that I’m a bit put out by their laziness.  Yes.  How dare they not write fun, witty comments for my daily pleasure?  No, who cares that they have lives and families to attend to?  Not me.  Nope.  I want to be entertained. 
So I logged on the other day and there were no new updates. Boo!  And then I jumped over to my blog.  Which hasn’t been updated in almost two months?  Well.  Now that’s just a nasty little turn of events now isn’t it?!  Ok.  Point. Taken. I will quite bein’ a big ol’ baby and start writing more.  DANGIT! I'm such a Lahooozaherrr!!!

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