Thursday, December 8, 2011

Parenting Advice - or "PA"as the cool kids say....

I think it’s important to understand your kids.  Not act like and dress like them (yea. you know who you are – ok, so sometimes that’s me…), but to relate to their interests. Acknowledging their world. I Facebook, Twitter and blog.  I know all about planking. I listen to Adele. I’ve witnessed a Wii Dance Party and I’ve watched Jersey Shore.  I do not approve. 
In return I’ve tried to teach them things from my generation.  Unlike our parents who told stories of walking in snow uphill both ways, I try to educate them in useful things.  Like when I quiz them on 1980’s hair bands.  Fyi, I no longer except “some old guy” as a valid answer.  My girls have watched most every Molly Ringwald movie, Weird Science and the Vacation movies.  I’ve explained the concept and allure of “big hair”.  They do not approve.
Most of our family communication is via text.  Although never when driving! Because I hear that’s bad.  I kinda feel like this is one way that connects us.  I’ve learned to understand their abbreviations, horrible spelling and short answers. And they’ve come to expect my longer, more detailed texts- which they lovingly refer to as “a book”.  I’ve even written a blog post on lol-ing.  So I’m hip and happening.  Despite the fact that I say things like hip and happening.
So when the following text conversation occurred, I was a bit shocked to find that I may not be connecting the generations as well as I’d hoped. 
Me: Are you going to go workout with me tonight?
Daughter: IDTS
Me: What?
Daughter: What… what?
Me: What is that acronym?
Daughter: What’s an acronym?
Me: *sigh* never mind.
By the way.  It means “I don’t think so”.  I suppose we’ll have to work on that.  or should I say…. “iswhtwot”.
PS: When my teenager checked this post for accuracy…. She didn’t know what “iswhtwot” was.  I win!
PSS: I had to explain it to the Hub too... maybe I don't win.

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