Thursday, December 15, 2011

Facebook Holiday Cheer.

So Christmas is just around the corner and Facebook is full of good cheer.  At any given time you can find photos of Christmas trees, cute little kiddies on Santa’s lap and holiday cookie recipes.  Its all very fun and festive.  And distracting. I’ve sat down to write a post like five times.  Between Pinterest and Facebook, I’m struggling to remain focused.  I’m on holiday overload!
Because I’m so frigging generous, I decided to spread the cheer and share a few of the Christmas fun that I’ve been enjoying:
Disclaimer: I found these on Facebook.  I don’t know who created them… however they are genius.  Kudos whoever you are!

And you thought it was gonna be all Christmas trees and Santa!

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  1. The snowman thing is soooo true. But the cat one is best. It explains a lot, no? They're vindictive bitches.


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