Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Zombies, Tigers and Cinderella... yea. I'd go see that movie.

Hey folks. Had a minor medical procedure recently so I took another break. The doctor says I will stop repeating myself in a few weeks!   I’m good.  I’m back and feeling better (sassy), so I thought I would do some bloggin’.  Did ya miss me?  Anyone? Anyone?  (crickets chirping).  Well, ok then, haters…. 
I had a post written up about my pet peeves with Facebook. Consisting of 10 – 20 A LOT of different ways people annoy me on Facebook.  Which really just boils down to I’m not patient and kinda hateful.  So I won’t go there.  Between the hateful and the repeated mumblings, I’m a few cats shy of crazy cat lady status.  However I will say something.  People…Those of us who are working don’t want to know that you are off work relaxing.  We want to Facebook stalk people from high school from the comfort of our offices.  Under the assumption that everyone else had to get up super early, spill coffee on their lap on the way in, and were late because of a train.  NO ONE wants to know that you are home, doing your Facebook stalking in your jammies.  Makes me stabby. 
That being said…. Please go like my Facebook page!!!!!!!
The Dr. says I’ll stop repeating myself in a few weeks. I think I want a cat.
Then I thought about writing a post on the elections.  But honestly, that’s so cliché right now.  Bottom line, all the ads make me feel stabby.  I really want them to stop talking.  Here’s a thought.  Vote Gladiator style.  Make the candidates fight for office.  Throw them some weapons like those big swords and harpoon things.  Oh… I love those metal nets… gotta have those.  Add in some hungry lions and tigers.  Maybe a puma.  I would so totally watch a debate between the candidates and a couple of hungry jungle cats. 

Then I thought I would post about how the Halloween industry is creating horrible self-esteem issues to all the young girls out there by making everything hookerish.  Seriously.  Don’t ruin Cinderella by making her look cheap.  I refuse to let Daughter Number 3 shop at those Halloween places because the costumes are so revealing and way too mature and mis-sized.  So what happens is you open your door to a scantily clad Cinderella who is too big for the outfit, and has to trick or treat in a big coat, because the plastic costume is too cold/revealing.  INSANITY!  Also makes me feel stabby.
So clearly I need to not be around knives. (and stop mumbling to myself… it will freak the cats out)  I think this is how Jason Voorhees got started.  (kill kill kill death death death – has a ring to it).
However on the fun side of things, the Hub let me practice my zombie makeup techniques on him (Don’t ask how I managed this….) but here ya go!  Enjoy the nerdy:

PS.  Daughter Number 3 is going as a zombie Tinker Bell.  I envision it looking like this:

But she will probably look more  like this:
(it's winter people)

PSS.  The Dr. says I will stop repeating myself in a few weeks.  I gotta go buy cat food.

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