Friday, October 5, 2012

Why we can't have nice things....

Me: Can we get a comforter with skulls on it?
Hubs: No
Me: Just look at it.  They are arranged very nicely. Almost a flower pattern.
Hubs: No
Me: Oh, come on.  Don’t be racist… just because they don’t have flesh!
Hubs: (cricket chirping silence….)
Me: We should set a good example for the kids.

Hubs: (….uncomfortable silence….)
Me: They are happy skulls… they are smiling, see?! I mean... I'm not asking for flesh eating, bloody skulls or piratey skulls with the whole plunder thing.  No dead come back to life skulls.  These guys are happy.  Dare I say whimsical? They make you wanna smile.  Don't you wanna look at them every day and smile????
Hubs: (I can only assume he’s rolling his eyes or that he has tossed his phone out of the car)
Me: Well.  They are adorable and I think we are missing out because of your closed minded-ness!
Me: So I suppose the zombie apocalypse comforter is out as well.
Hubs: you guessed right.
Me: deep sigh.

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