Sunday, July 10, 2011

Why does he put up with me?

The term “high maintenance” has been used to describe me.  And I take issue with this description. Maybe I am difficult at times, but I always have good intentions. Ok, maybe not always…. or ever.  Well, judge for yourself.  This is a partial conversation I had with the Hubs the other day:
Hubs: I have a headache.
Me: I’m sorry, you should take a decongestant.
Hubs: I don’t think its sinus.
Me: I’m sure it is…. Sinuses can cause pain all over if they are swollen.  My Dr. told me.  (ok, maybe not in so many words, but I know what he meant!)
Hubs: I’m still not sure.
Me: ok, well maybe it’s rabies.
Hubs: Rabies? Really?
Me: Well headaches are a common side effect of many things.  Have you been bitten by a really wild and vicious rabbit?  ….or…. have you battled any zombies lately?
Hubs: none of the above.
Me: what about werewolves or vampires?
Hubs: Nope
Me (somewhat disappointed- as I fancy myself as an expert on zombies, werewolves and vampires): Well, then I defer to the sinus again.
Hubs: Maybe it’s just a headache for another reason… that is possible. (I assume he’s implying that I am the source of said headache here… but who knows.  Can’t trust him if he’s turning into a zombie or a werewolf!).
Me: Now you’re just talkin’ crazy.
Hubs: I know… it must be from the pain in my head.

And I’m high maintenance!  At least I’m not a zombie!
Perhaps we should all pray for him.

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