Thursday, September 27, 2012

Let me explain to you why Pinterest is dangerous...

(I had a recent discussion with a friend as to whether it was pronounced PINterest or P-interest.  Yea, I don’t know but P-interest sounds too Snoop Dogg for me, so I’m going with the first one. I’m simply not cool enough for Snoop).
I have a pretty strong creative side (read ADD), and in my current job, creativity isn’t really a requirement.  You simply cannot make contracts cute.  I have found that I need extracurricular activities to keep myself focused (again with the ADD) And I don’t mean extracurricular activities like High School FHA … shut up, it was fun!   The dog hates wearing clothing and the Hub said I can’t repaint the house anymore so enter Pinterest.

Now.  For those of you who have been locked a deep hole in a house (It puts the lotion on its skin) or who have been in some deep space sleep trance, Pinterest is da bomb! (Sorry Snoop).  When you were little and you cut out all the things in the magazines and glued them on construction boards…. Yea.  This is the cool cyber version of that. 
But don’t let all that awesomeness fool you.  Pinterest is a danger to society.  Let me explain:
·         Totally addictive.  While not as bad as a meth addict, it’s really close. Do you not watch Breaking Bad?
·         Encourages stalking. You can “follow” people and look at their boards and pins.  That’s illegal in some states people!
·         Falsely empowers you to try crafts that are WAY out of your league.  Seriously, if it takes a month to do, can’t you buy it?   
·         How many cute Halloween crafts does one need in their home?
·         Makes you feel that your current wardrobe is terrible.
·         Six inch heels…. Sure anyone can walk in those!
·         Recipes with dozens of never-use-again-ingredients that makes the family gag and run screaming from the room.
·         Dozens and dozens of adorable cupcakes that you have NO occasion to make them for.
So I say we take a stand against this.  It’s wrong.  People are gonna get hurt Pinterest!!!!  I’m done. Finished.  No more!  And I will make it may life-long ambition to warn people about the latent dangers of this life destroying site.
On a totally unrelated note, I’m currently icing my sprained ankle, my eyes are burning after 12 straight hours of a certain “pinning” site.  I’ve burned all of my clothing, made five dinners that no one will eat – complete with pirate cupcakes, have three friends with orders of protection against me and have 38 unfinished crafts sitting in the spare room waiting for the next phase of treatment.   
Addiction is a disease PEOPLE!!!!!

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