Friday, November 18, 2011

Guess what? I'm going to Hawaii.....ok, maybe not. Stupid morals!

So last week I posted about my on-going struggle with finding blog topics.  I blamed my ADD, my new book series and a new tv show as the reason for this lack of inspiration.  Plus Walking Dead is back on, and it’s so hard to concentrate on blogging when Rick and the gang are running from zombies.  Anyway, turns out none of those things are the demise of my creativity.  Yep.  None. Zero. Zilch. Nada.  Turns out my whole family, fearing being the topic of a post, had basically cut me off from their normal shenanigans.  Yes, friends… it’s true.  They are stifling my creativity. Bunch of phonies! 
Which is actually kinda funny, because I’ll just make up stuff that they say or do… I have to qualms about that. It’s like they don’t know me.  AT. ALL!
But because I am nothing if not devoted to you my fellow readers – all five of you – I have fought through the ADD that is me and pulled this out for you.  This is an email exchange between me and the hubs after a friend posted her vacation pics on facebook.  Or… this could be a total fabrication of my mind.  See, it’s like a murder mystery without death or gratuitous nude scenes. 
Me: I want to go to Hawaii.
Hubs: So go.
Me: I want you to go with me… hello?  And I want to zip line while we are there.  After we helicopter over the volcanoes, go see those dolphins, and attend at least two dinners where those people dance.
Hubs: What people?
Me: The dancers.  You know, the barefeet, flower necklaces…. The dancers.
Hubs: You mean hula dancers?
Me: Yea. that’s it.  I want to be entertained while eating weird food.  Hula dancers.  Wait.  Is that the proper term? That’s not derogatory is it?  Maybe its hula peoples?  Hula folk? Anyway, that’s what I want to see.  Done.
Hubs: Well you just figure out where the money comes from and off we go.
Me: Are you opposed to selling yourself for additional income?
Hubs: yes.
Me: Cocaine mule?
Hubs: That’s just rude.
Me: It’s not rude.  I just need to know how badly you want me to go to Hawaii.  Clearly by your response, not very much.
So.  The take-away here is that the Hubs isn’t willing to do anything illegal to get me to Hawaii, I don’t need to observe shenanigans to blog about it, and I really should stop watching so much tv. Oh, and clearly my ADD has now reached need-professional-help level.  Well.  That’s just GGGGGGGGGGGGGGreat!

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