Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Flies are gross!

You know that movie The Fly with Jeff Goldblum from like 1986?  It’s a tragic tale of a science experiment gone awry, (furthering my suspicions that science is no good)  the scientist is transformed into a huge fly and chaos and terror commence.  Then Geena Davis get’s all weepy for Jeff Goldblum, who by the way, is waaaaay creepy before he turns into a fly.  Just sayin’.  Anyway…
So the other day the Hubs and I were in a McDonalds drive through and this is what lands on our windshield.
 This is quite possibly the largest fly ever known to man.  We're talking pterodactyl size big.

Notice how Jeffy McJefferson (A fly that big has to have a name) appears to be eating the golden arches?  Good photography or huge, sign eating bug???  We will never know!
Perhaps Jeffy is really a science experiment gone bad and he’s escaped from the lab?  Or maybe this is a zombie fly that is reigning terror on other, innocent flies?  Maybe this fly is on ‘roids and just back from the gym?  Or maybe this is just a large horse fly looking for a quick meal. 
 It’s interesting that Jeffy is eating the sign, rather than the food from McDonalds….or is it? Yea, think about that one for a bit.  Uh huh! Eye opening, huh… take that Morgan Spurlock!!!* 
So I had about a hundred jokes about flies, McDonalds and poo, but I really think Jeffy speaks for himself.  Don’t you? Probably because he’s got vocal cords… that thing was HUGE.  Let’s hope this is not the beginning of the animal takeover!
*Morgan Spurlock is the dude that ate nothing but McDonalds for like a month and filmed a documentary about it.  Yea…. Like we are all shocked that McDonalds food is unhealthy… whateve!  It’s still tasty!

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