Sunday, August 14, 2011

The things I go through for this blog!!!!

In a continuing effort to be a good, entertaining blogger for you, or most likely it’s to validate my attention junkie personality, I’m always on the lookout for new ideas to steal inspire me. 
The other morning on my way to work, I was listening to the radio station, and a phrase hit me as funny.  So because I’m a great driver … shut up!, I used the voice recognition feature on my phone to make a note, with the intention of writing on it that evening.   
In the phone I clearly spoke: It’s all form, and no substance.
My phone wrote: its all for a mess and no subtext. What? That’s not even close.  What subtext?. 
I tried again, and got: Italian foremen.  What’s an Italian foreman? Are Italian foremen better than American foreman?  Is that even the correct spelling?
The third attempt produced: its about forum and sex.  I have no idea what that even means.
So at the next stoplight I quickly typed out the correct phrase under all the blunders.  As I sit down tonight to blog about the great inspiration I heard.  Yea.  I have NO IDEA where I was going with it.  Dang technology!!!! (again).
So I leave you with this final thought. 
The other morning, I turned on the tv and a local station was promoting an upcoming event.  I have no idea what they were promoting, but I venture a guess that children will be crying.  Here's some blog inspiration at it's finest:

I can think of 100 things to say about creepy kitty, but I decided to let creepy kitty speak for herself.  This is my artistic interpretation. 
Sorry this blog sucks, but I blame creepy kitty.  She really freaked me out!


  1. That's SkippyJohn Jones, a children's storybook character. He's cuter on a page than in real life.

  2. Ah! I didn't catch any of the content... I was so frightened of SkippyJohn (aka Creepy Kitty) that I didn't hear anything. Imagine the kitty box he has! Yikes!


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